• Replacement for a band sawmill
  • Carefree operation, no problems with sawing tools
  • A simple saw blade sharpener is sufficient
  • Suitable for production of untrimmed and trimmed planks, deals, blanks, prisms or final laths
  • Easy motor changeover when changing saw blades (450, 500 and 550 mm)
  • Max. Log diameter 50 cm, max. Log length 12 m, max. cutting width 35 cm, max prism height 15 cm
  • Reliable cast iron motors 15 kW

The movement of the saw head into the cut is controlled by the frequency inverter. To increase operator comfort and change performance, we normally supply a sawmill with a computerized cut height adjustment.

Adjusting the timber dimensions is via the control unit directly on the display using the control unit.


Control panel KP58S


Control panel


Hydraulic control panel KP58S


Hydraulic control panel



After cutting, and before moving the saw head to the beginning of the next cut, the saw blades are raised by a pre-set value to prevent them from rubbing backwards.

When the next thickness is selected, it is precisely adjusted without having to adjust the position of the saw blades to the previous cutting height.



KP58S Circular sawmills without hydraulic log handling are supplied with clip-on clamps and folding supporting steady, necessary for skidding up the trunk and cutting the prism timber.


Circular sawmill KP58S


Log loader for sawmill frame


Circular sawmill KP58S


"V" log turner with convergence function


Circular sawmill KP58S


Vertical Lift Clamp


Circular sawmill KP58S


Slide roller for longitudinal feed of the log



For hydraulic versions, standard hydraulic equipment consists of:

  • Loader – used to load logs on a workbench that is 750 mm above the ground for hydraulic versions,
  • Tilting hydraulic supporting steady – used to align log after being loaded onto a workbench and centre them, while providing double cuts also ensure perpendicular alignment to the working table,
  • Log turner – single or double-arm, for convenient log handling, for turning when sawing, and suitable for bench positioning,
  • Clamps – a unique clamping system that perfectly fixes wood. It precludes its springing when sawing, and in that the chucks are also adjustable in height, they allow horizontal alignment of the log along its entire length while tightening the log to the machine bed,
  • Scroll roller – to move logs along the frame length.


Circulr sawmill KP58S


Single-arm log turner


Circular sawmill KP58S


Folding supporting steady